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Thursday, June 25, 2015

4-5-and Part of 6

I seem to be losing steam. No, that's not right. I have saved out the toughest rows for the last leg of my RxR. I think I should have did it the opposite way; hard rows first.

Here are four and five.

Rows four and five
Stanley the Sea Monster (5), from Sweet B's in Charlotte took most of yesterday afternoon and early evening. It doesn't look like it until you get pretty close, but he was a bummer to appliqué stitch!

The "pyramid" looking row is from Country Stitches called Row by Row (how original). The state of Michigan on the left hand side was not too hard to stitch and you can hardly see it, but I added a spot of white to denote our location on the map.

This next one, (6) is from Around the Block Quilt Shop in Portland. Wow! It's called "Quiltin' by the River" and talk about detail!! I worked on it until the sun starting going down last night and started making stupid mistakes so it was time to shut down for the night.

Row six ready to appliqué stitch and embellish
I'm back at it again today and may buzz down to Marshall after lunch to pick up that last row. I'm not sure what it even looks like, but to make the quilt complete the directions stated you have to have at least eight rows included to be considered complete. 

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