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Friday, June 5, 2015

A Fair Affair

I didn't blog yesterday because the morning started out running errands. One stop was the fairgrounds to pick up exhibitor tags for our upcoming county fair in July. Our fair is a week later then its usual since Independence Day falls later. Many questions were buzzing around the guild so answers needed to be had.

After getting everything done and returning home, the day progressed as usual; long-arming and putting together quilt blocks.

Total Eclipse is taking much time to construct. The blocks themselves are lining up well and even the curved piecing is the least of the time taker. It's removing all the pointy papers behind each seam hogging the process.

If the layout of the quilt wasn't so crucial, I would have taken the incomplete pieces to guild with me and solicited the help of other members. Since doing so would have amounted to an even greater volume of work, I decided to take my little flower wall hanging and finish the hand binding on it.

I decided to quilt each of the ginormous hexagons using the fabric as a guide for the quilting motif. If the hexagon does not lend itself to any type of motif, I'll use the Angela Walters book, Shape by Shape, to guide me in some filler options; she has one section alone on hexagon shapes.

Jim started laying our new kitchen floor last night while I was finishing up in here. There isn't much I can do to assist in his endeavor other then keeping Lily out of the kitchen. She likes to stick close to me and keeping myself busy in the studio is the best way to keep her out from under Papa's feet.

I received my Row by Row tote last night from Mary...minus Mary's row?!? She said she would probably have it done today and I have yet to open the tote up to take a peek. I can't put the rows on the design wall since my Total Eclipse is still stuck up there so I'll wait until I get that top put together before "unwrapping" my much anticipated row tote. I'm dying to get into it so with it being here is more then incentive enough to complete the Total Eclipse top perhaps even today.

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