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Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Challenge

Carol R. threw out a challenge a few months ago. The quilt was to be based on a well known phrase, such as; One bad apple spoils the bunch, or When it rains it pours.

Can you guess what my challenge quilt phrase depicts?

ASQ 2015 Picnic Challenge Quilt
I wasn't going to participate in this challenge. I won't be able to attend the picnic because we'll be packing and heading up north for the DeGroot Reunion. Carol R. said she would present the quilt for me in my absence. I "manned" up and did this yesterday.

Prior to completing this cute and fast little bugger, I completed the guild RBR quilt. Here it is, temporarily hanging where it was supposed to go upon completion. Unfortunately, the longer it hangs there the more I'm liable to think it's too large to put in this particular spot and it probably will not stay.

ASQ 2015 Row by Row Project
This quilt is already the talk of the town. I don't know whether the talk is good or not, but I do not care. I love how scrappy and busy it is and I feel like I've really put a lot of piecing and quilting time into it to make it a much loved and cherished piece around here.

I want to thank Cathy S., Carol S. Jen M., and Mary R. for all their wonderful and amazing rows. It has a lot of eye candy within each and every little section within each and every row!

Today was spent at the library completing day one of two sewing together. I blanket stitched the rest of the Beachy Bovines and started another color (purple) of the selvedge quilt. I have to cut more triangles out of muslin before I leave tomorrow so I can continue on.

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