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Friday, June 12, 2015

Monkey Farts and PhD's

Tracy's Primitives, located in Marshall, makes her own soaps. The newest "flavor" she has created is called Monkey Farts and wow, does it smell wonderful. I was finally able to use it today as my other bar finally conked out. It makes the whole studio smell good while I'm in here sewing. Yeah!

Our DIL graduates tomorrow with her astrophysics PhD! What a huge accomplishment and I had to brag about her reaching her goals.

While I don't have a PhD, I am living my dream life. I can honestly say that it was not my initial aspiration graduating from high school, or even from college, to stay at home and quilt all day. Staying at home is a large change from my whole persona to start with, but sewing while doing it? The girl who barely passed her 8th grade sewing class never going anywhere to sit at a machine and put thread to fabric?

It's funny how life changes over time. Exploring the new can open those closed doors if turning the handle is something you dare. (See the top of my blog about change).

Congrats to Laura and her accomplishment! Congrats to me for having the courage to swing the door open.

Yesterday was a one-project kind of day. RBR. The guild row by row is still sitting here unfinished, but at least I've made some headway. I figured out (all by myself, thank you very much) what to do with the too long/short rows. I'm setting the sashing in (still) but it's coming along in a forward progression at least. I'll continue on with this until I get it done since it's occupying most of the studio at the moment.

No pics today. Sorry.

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