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Friday, February 12, 2016


It was announced last night that I'm the new ASQ Newsletter writer. I'm pretty excited about it since I love, love, love to write (almost as much as quilting) and working in and around computers is second nature to me given my parents were both in the computer industry.

After our guild meeting last night, my very good friend, Carol R. gave me loads of batting and fabric scraps to insert into more dog beds. I'll make up some shells during the day today, then, when the kids come out later tonight, I'll solicit their help in getting them all stuffed and closed.

Lots of homework from Stitcher's Garden yesterday.

While at Around the Block, we were privy to a new set of example quilts that had just arrived by a designer named Sue Pritt. I've seen a couple of her quilts on line and a plethora of her finished quilts are now on display in Portland. I only picked up one pattern while we were there, but I have several others I'll be picking up in the coming months. I don't want to spend all my quilting allowance in one go. (Smiley Face).

No pics to share today but lots to do here in the studio from yesterday's outings. Time to get sewing!

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