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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Supposed To

Today I'm supposed to get my quilts around for a trunk show I'm supposed to give tomorrow. I'm also supposed to get my supplies around for a quilt class in Portland I'm supposed to take tomorrow.

Old Man Winter has returned and I think both of those notions are out the door. I don't do poopy weather and it sounds like this may get ugly. The prediction was that the snow wasn't supposed to hit until later this afternoon, but around 8:30 this morning the snow began. I suppose we'll have to wait and see what happens as the day progresses. Our driveway is already dusted.

In the meantime (back at the ranch), I've finally started the commission piece for my friend in memory of her deceased granddaughter. Yep, I finally dug the tote out from hiding and here are a few pics during my day yesterday.

The Huge Tote
Starting the sorting process.
Believe it or not, everything is sorted and organized here.
Jim and I had an unexpected visitor stop by for a few hours on his Harley after all these were sorted. Rick and I go way back to our horse and 4-H days and it was absolutely wonderful having him here for a visit. I needed the break and the weather yesterday was a total opposite of today so he was able to get his bike out.

After Rick left, I started measuring some of the bigger pieces to get a baseline of maximum sized blocks. I planned on making 10" blocks or combinations thereof, but after starting to press and apply interfacing, found myself just trying to get the most usage out of each piece. Needless to say, I have a lot of really random sizes.

Fortunately, I have a few crib sheets that were included in the tote and will use those as filler pieces during the planning-on-the-design-wall phase.

I think since I'm doing three steps at once (deboning, interfacing, and trimming) the next few days will be spent strictly cutting the blocks that will be the quilt foundation. Wow...I just looked out the window and it's really snowing now. Yeah, tomorrow probably isn't going to happen like it's supposed to.

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