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Friday, February 5, 2016

Less Then Enthused

After talking with Caleb last night (who is still in Australia) he pretty much put the kibosh on rearranging the studio; not his idea of "welcome home fun". I'm still thinking about it though.

Despite my slogging-through-pudding state of being yesterday, here's what I accomplished: I completed my daily BOD, my bi-weekly ugly sweater, and the Trip Around the World quilt is totally finished.

Two Ugly Sweaters

These ugly sweaters just crack me up. They don't go together very easily, and very precise piecing is the key, but I'm having fun with them.

Quilting detail in the center of Trip Around the World
You can still see some of my markings (I just keep spraying to get them out), but this WHOLE quilt was done free motion. Yep, not one lick of it was accomplished using DW's computer.

I still can't get a whole pic of it even this morning. Still more spraying to get those blue marks out of the white areas. Perhaps I haven't found that perfect marking utensil yet? Still looking!

I have to chase down some batting this morning. I love the Quilters Dream Cotton that the HH carries, but as you can see from the pic above, it's very, very thin. I would like a bit more loft to some of the upcoming quilts set to get on the frame so I'm headed down to The Marshall House to see what Karen has down there. Chicago can't come soon enough to be able to pick up another couple of bolts of 80/20. The prices over there are insane and well worth the trip!

I'll catch up in here later after my return from town this morning.

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