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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Productive

Yesterday was way more productive then Sunday. Hurray!

The lady (Connie, I think) called from the ECHS and said she needed more dog beds. I only had enough batting scraps around here to make one more and here it is.

Another Dog Bed
I have another bed "shell" ready and will put any scraps I obtain in the future into it. It's just like the one pictured above.

I made my daily BOD and here's the past week's worth.

Should't there be seven?
There are eight here because she mis-posted the Feb. 3rd block, so we actually made two that day.

I worked on long-arming through the rest of the morning and afternoon. The first row is done and I was able to roll for another row. Which reminded thread issue.

I called Accomplish Quilting down in Stevensville to see if they had the thread I was running short on (since the cone I'm working off of in the sashing strips actually came from there). Glory be, they had it! And, as a bonus, they have free shipping this week on anything over $20. I added another "mystery" cone of thread to the order and it should be here by weeks end.

After long arming, I moved on to another Ugly Sweater block. This one went together relatively easy and here's the three of them together.

Ugly Sweater block #3
I made one more bag for the quilt fairy and then closed up the studio for the night.

Each day I'm hopefully going to be doing the following: A BOD and cutting 2" squares, so I'm no longer going to report individually on those events. It's getting redundant. I'll post up the BOD's each week but from this point forward, I'll refer to those things I need to do as my daily "chores".

Having said that, today I'll do my "chores" and then move along to some long-arming. I don't know where I'm going to go after that but the weather-icky day provides a wonderful quilting backdrop for some quilting fun.

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  1. I have scraps for you; planning on bringing them to the meeting. :)