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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Changed My Mind

The quilt I was originally going to load onto DW was the Grand Illusion quilt from Bonnie Hunters' mystery quilt done in 2014. But after putting the Trip Around the World and Night Stars on the pool table yesterday morning, discovered another quilt that I've had around here much longer.

This is what DW is wearing now.

Flirty Thirties Dresden Plates
It took Jim and I both to dig it out, measure everything to make sure we had enough supplies around here, and get it pressed and loaded. Thank you wonderful man for your invaluable assistance!

I was, between all this activity, playing with Holly. Jim picked up her new foot yesterday after delivering to all the Lansing stores he was assigned to.

Holly's new foot
She's purring along quite well with the new foot and I pieced a few blocks with her to get a feel for how she feeds and where her new quarter inch markings place the seam.

After playing with Holly for a bit, I started to long arm the Dresden Plate quilt and uh oh...the thread I picked out to run in the sashing strips is going faster then I thought. appears Superior no longer carries the stuff (WHAT?????). I went on-line to try to find some more and it is no longer listed. I need to call them first thing tomorrow morning to try to find some more. I've already got a quarter of the sashing strips done and AM NOT going to rip out all those stitches!!!!

Then we received a phone call from our credit union. It appears somebody has made a small purchase with my debit card from a bakery in Utah. It was only a $2.40 charge, but our credit union seems to think they are running a test charge to see if the card is still good; at which time they'll start racking up additional larger purchases. Needless to say, my card has been cancelled and we have to run there tomorrow morning to get a replacement. UGH!!

Today we are going to moms to visit so not much will be accomplished in here I'm afraid. Perhaps a little long arming and a BOD.

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