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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Winter Wonderland

24 hours ago (or thereabouts), it started to snow. It's still snowing. And blowing; hard. Everything is cancelled for today/tonight and will probably get shifted to next week.

After doing my usual morning chores around the studio yesterday, I did more interfacing and other workings for the memory quilt. Here's a few pics of my progress after the day ended.

Interfaced Pieces
While I was interfacing some of the outfits I want to keep as whole units, I had to hand stitch openings closed so future prying eyes don't see just interfacing, batting, or backing. All this prep work takes a long time and I have a feeling I'll be doing more of it as I build the sections.

Stitching openings closed
The quilt is going to be king-sized and the design wall isn't that big. I had to tape off one quadrant section and that's how I'll build the quadrant at a time.

About 53 x 47 ish
After getting most everything interfaced so I can start to sew, I started placing pieces within my first quadrant. This is simply a start. the pieces laying over the top part will be taken down to add after the quilt is actually quilted.

Getting a feel for color placement and motif separation.
There is a lot of white in these baby clothes, so those pieces look like empty holes on the design wall pic.

Today I'll start adding the filler pieces (receiving blankets and crib sheets) to make each row more uniform. That way the quilt can go together a bit more easily since I decided to cut everything so random.  

While winter is still battling its way back into our lives, I'll be taking advantage and cranking out in here today for a very full day of memory quilt building. 

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