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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Studio Space

The new studio space is working out very well. There are a couple of things that don't work as well as the previous layout:
1) It's harder to get to my greater-then-one-yard-cuts of fabric because the cutting table is in front of part of the shelving.
2) It's harder to bind a larger quilt because the corner of my desk is not butting up against anything nor does it have the pressing table to hold some of the weight.

However, others things are working out much better then before:
1) The pressing table is right next to the cutting table now and can hold the weight of a larger quilt when squaring it after being quilted.
2) The desk, cutting table, and pressing table are at a nice triangular configuration and makes traveling between the three easier.
3) The shelving unit behind the cutting table acts as a file for my smaller cutting templates.
4) The lighting is way better.
5) The system we hooked up for the iron makes pressing the whole length of the table usable and
6) Both the computers are visible from my sewing desk to view patterns, cutting requirements, and directions when needed.

I'll keep working the bugs out throughout the week and make modifications as necessary.

Here's last weeks BODs.

Feb. 17-23
Here's is the seventh Ugly Sweater block.

Number 7
At lunch time, another quilt-along came through on my email notifications. I contemplated whether or not to get involved with yet another weekly project since I already have so many going right now. I decided to think about it while working on the Dresdens quilt later in the afternoon.'s done!

From one angle
Here's another angle...
Finally! The Completed Dresdens
This actual quilt top was started in late 2010 and finished in mid 2011; only five years to complete it in its entirety.

Here's a few pics of the individual quilting done in each block.

Jim actually quilted some of the blades and centers. We won't tell you which ones and quite honestly, while I was working on the binding yesterday, couldn't see much of a difference in his work and mine. Perhaps we have another long-armer in our midst after all?

It seems I'm going to have to drape larger quilts over the pressing table instead of the belly bar on DW to snap pics because the new studio design doesn't lend itself to doing it the old way.

After getting this completed and taking a small pick-up-sticks-from-the-front-yard break, I came in and made another quilt fairy bag. After that I pulled fabrics for the quilt-along. I decided to pull some fabrics, make the first block, and then make my decision after that.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

The blocks are pretty intense even though the first one was relatively easy. I started reading the directions for the second block (I'm already three blocks behind because they started this on Valentine's Day) and decided against doing it. Sigh. I need to get started on that memory quilt I was hired to do for my friend.

Speaking of which, I stared researching that last night and yet again this morning while eating my cereal. This is going to be a very labor and time intensive project, and it seems like the right time to start getting into it. Of course, I'll be snapping pics and writing about it here. Onward, ho!

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