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Sunday, February 28, 2016

I Must Long Arm!

I think I'm going through long arm withdrawal. I've moved some items off the spare bed to hold the memory quilt quadrants. I've shifted and condensed memory quilt pieces and am going to load a charity quilt.

The long arm was hosting pieces of the memory quilt, the first quadrant of the memory quilt, as well as other small wall hangings I had yet to hang up. A long arm is not a coat rack and I decided to get him back into the swing of things doing what he's supposed to be doing rather then "holding" all my works in progress.

Peggy wanted to be here to watch me load a quilt using my leader grips, but Jim just wants to have a day to ourselves today. And...this is the first quilt I'll have loaded and worked on since we moved the studio around last week. It'll be a new experience and we'll see if moving everything was a wise idea when it comes to the long arm.

My BOD took an unusual turn yesterday. We will be constructing the center medallion over the next few days and I will start with part two of ? this morning before loading the machine; that way it's not hanging over my head and I can play with DW all afternoon conscious free.

I'll do a few of the memory quilt blocks later (or attempt to on Jay since Mike is in the shop--again), but for now I'll just enjoy the sun streaming through the studio windows and put on some soft music to bask in our Sunday.

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