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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pile 'O Blocks

67 actually.

Big Pile
I had to scrounge through my stash to find three more "like" colors to mix with these to make an even 70-6" squares. I'll put them together into a rag quilt at some point; maybe today?!?

Yep, I'm working on the WIP shelves again. The top fabrics were some swatches Polly brought in a while ago for me to do something with. The swatches aren't actually cottons. They seem to be a heavier fabric similar to something you would use for furniture. At any case, it's going to be a nice beach quilt or something you could stick in your car for those cold Michigan seasons since the back of each square is recycled jeans.

I'm just over half-way through the Trip Around the World quilt on DW. I realized after I quit quilting yesterday that I don't have any binding strips either cut, or even picked out for this quilt. This should be interesting to locate since I made this so long ago and none of these fabrics are still in circulation.

After opening my email this morning I discovered our 365-Day Challenge block for yesterday was misposted. She actually posted the block for the 23rd of February rather then the 3rd. This means I have to make two today (yesterday's block that should have actually posted and today's block). The upside of this is that I already have Feb. 23rd's block done.

The sun started to peak out today but quickly went back under the clouds. It'll be a great day to spend in here with the cloudy, rainy, and cold day ahead. I love these days!

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