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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Funeral's Suck

Actually, the funeral itself is usually pretty nice, but the reason you're all gathered together isn't so nice. However, this funeral was probably one of the biggest I've ever attended (over 600) and yet the funeral ceremony was horrid. It was clear the clergyman presiding over the services didn't know Lee.

I'm just glad we finally made it back home and can now resume our regularly scheduled programming. I feel bad for Lee's wife, Shari because she can't. She has to learn a new way of living and carrying out her daily functions without her best friend at her side. I'm not looking forward to the day Jim and I may be doing the same thing.

On to studio stuff (which is way more fun to talk about). I forgot to add a pic on Friday of the Thursday Ugly Sweater. This one's a doozie!

Thursday's Ugly Sweater block
Yesterday, I completed the construction of the first quadrant in its entirety. It wasn't without some issues though. Mike is back in the shop (we dropped him off first thing this morning on our way up north to the funeral) after having started skipping stitches (again) while piecing the rows together.

I continued with construction of two more rows on Jay and found a kind-of way to make him work without sliding around too much between those interfaced fabrics. It's slower going, but at least I'm making some kind of headway.

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