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Monday, February 22, 2016

To Be Small or Not To Be Small

Small project Sunday started out with this block...

New York Beauty
This was a flimsy for quite a few years in my studio space. It needed to be finished because as much as I wanted to make a complete quilt out of it, the probability of me finding the same fabrics were too slim.

After doing studio chores, finishing the block above, and after a quick lunch, Jim and I got to talking about the studio again; about whether or not to rearrange the thing.

We didn't have the kids here to help. So we started dissecting the pieces of it and whether or not it was feasible with just the two of us.

It was!

Here's the new studio space after a very long afternoon and evening...

Looking from the hallway
This is from the hallway entry as you first walk into it. DW barely fits on the short end of the room. I can JUST squeeze in back there to work and he may have to come forward a few more inches, but we'll work that out as I work on him.

Looking from the front door
This is looking kind of by where the desk was/still is. The room seems more square to me now and a lot less cluttered (even though in these pics it actually looks more cluttered). We found about five pounds of dust bunnies as we were moving everything around, but now it's all clean and ready for me to create.

I was supposed to have a guild member over today to learn about loading a quilt with leader grips (she has the red snapper version of those), but as you may see, the Dresdens are still on the frame and I won't be getting it off until much later today or even tomorrow. I'm still settling in and have to work through the new location of all the tools and resources in here.

The kids came out of it unscathed since they were doing their own construction in Lansing on Ben and Alisha's house. They are very thankful, I'm sure!

I, on the other hand, am very thankful I have a very best friend to help me out when we decide to tackle these larger projects. I love it now that I can see out of all my windows clearly whether I'm long arming or working on Mike and Jay. It seems like it's lighter since the pressing table has been moved away from those south windows and I'll be able to actually open them in the summer if I so choose.

Now, to get busy and to acclimate myself to the new surroundings. Let's Create! Lette's Quilt!

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