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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Magazines Anyone?

After doing my morning studio chores, and after long arming for the day (I'm at the I-need-more-thread section), I started cleaning up around here. I'm at a good point where I could take a day and just straighten things out, file them away, or make sense out of the WIP shelves.

I had been wanting to go through and weed out/refile/file my quilting magazines. After having a little bit of a tantrum with them, decided to only keep my Quiltmaker magazines and all the rest are going!

Here's what I have to donate:

We need new homes
I'll take them to guild tomorrow night and see what the girls want and then from there, they'll go to our quilt show next month for anybody else who may want them. Any left over at that point get recycled.

After getting the WIP shelves totally organized, I started in on another project that had been hanging out there since the UFO auction of 2013. Cows.

Somebody donated a cow panel to make a mom and baby cow with. I'm still working on those this morning and will hopefully be done by lunch. They are taking WAY too long to complete but are turning out cute as the dickens. I'll give them to Ben since he has this thing with cows anyway.

I'm still chipping away at those WIPs. I need to get about three or four more projects completed before I am satisfied to start something extensive again. WIPs ahoy!

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