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Friday, February 26, 2016

Putzing Along

When you're doing a project for yourself, all those little imperfections are overlooked and somehow seem okay in your work.

This is not the case when you're doing something for somebody else. Everything has to be perfect (or as correctly as you know how to do it). This takes so much longer because the little imperfections have to be corrected when they occur. And...I make a lot of them.

Here's the first four rows of the first quadrant.

Working from the bottom, up. 
One more row to go in this section and then I can move along to row two. Once I started on this later yesterday morning I worked very diligently; no farting around and taking 10 or so breaks. I didn't talk on the phone, I didn't visit with any visitors (still too much snow), I didn't play on my computer. Yet, this is all I have to show for my efforts. I'm feeling a little deflated.

I know I need to just keep plugging away at this. I knew it was going to be a really, really large project; which is probably why I kept putting it off. This is definitely going to stretch my attention span since mine is so limited. I just need to remember to self-talk and keep my Pandora cranked to keep things moving along.

And, after having said that, it's not going to finish itself so I must keep a positive attitude.

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