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Thursday, February 4, 2016


There is some talk about moving my studio around (a welcome home project for Caleb?). We've taken some measurements and it appears that DW could be moved over to in front of the east side windows of the studio. It only leaves about eight inches on his one side, and very little room for me to squeeze in to get in behind him, but doable.

The reason we're considering this is the quilt below.

Another WIP Completed
While this was a smaller quilt to actually piece together, it's bulk needed to be handled by Jay; my most durable and tolerant machine of thick fabric and seams. Trying to get this in the small space where Jay lives was very daunting!

We have to think on this for a bit before we make any rash decisions because moving the studio around would be a major undertaking to say the least. 

Most of yesterday, after working on my BOD snafu, was long-arming. I only had my signature and date to incorporate into the quilting before my bobbin ran out. I shut it down for the night because it was nearly 9:00. But, before I did, I wanted to take a gander at my stitch count to see just exactly where I was at. 

15 Million!
I can't believe I have that many stitches on him! 

I didn't get much sleep last night. Not sure why, but only about four hours puts me into sluggish mode already today. I'm having a hard time getting revved up so not much may be accomplished in here. It doesn't help that I'm reading a really good book right now and would rather just curl up on the couch and take it easy, but my iPad is about out of power so I have a few hours to wait until I can actually do that. 

I saw another ugly sweater came through this morning. I thought these were only going to come every other week? It sounds like a good project for the day as well as my daily BOD. I'll start there.

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  1. the ugly sweater blocks are being released twice a week not every other week... and you'll notice if you read my blog that I quit after having problems with the first two blocks. Not worth the stress!