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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Caleb Gets Back to the States!

Jim and I both thought that Caleb didn't come back until tomorrow. Somehow we mixed up the day of the week with the actual date and we discovered he'll actually be in Detroit late tonight! Three cheers!!! It'll be so much fun hearing about all of his adventures down under and we can't wait to see him again!

Most of yesterday morning was spent working on this little piece. It's called Sweet Season Quilt Shop and I'm hooked. It was a bit more time consuming then I originally thought it would be, but it was well worth the effort. The directions were clear and precise which is sometimes hard to find in a quilt pattern such as this.

Sweet Season Quilt Shop
After getting this finished, DW and I were able to get reacquainted. I sure miss him when I leave him for this many days in a row. I'm on to row three of the four in the Dresden quilt. When Jim got home later on, he actually did some free motion work in the dresden plates themselves as well as the circles in the center. Go Papa!!

I'll continue on with the Dresden quilt today and maybe, if the quilting gods are with me, I can get the quilting at least finished.

I started working some more on those darn WIPs. I found two more under DW's frame while tidying up from the dog bed making marathon. I washed the little t-shirts my mom's friend donated to our cause and started applying interacting to them yesterday. I would have finished but my bolt of interfacing is now gone. I'll have to pop into Lansing tomorrow (or soon) to get another.

I also found a box of some older cut up squares mom picked up at a yard sale. I think I'll take them to sew-in and just randomly sew them together for a donation quilt of some sort. I'll have to take a gander and see what I can do with them when I get there.

Time to sew!

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  1. Hi mama, I had fun working on DW. Being creative is exciting