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Monday, February 29, 2016

Long-Arming = Good

It felt so good to get back to working DW! I had so much fun I actually quilted out this whole charity quilt in one go.

Charity Quilt #1 for the year
This is my first charity quilt for the year. I don't know how many I'll get done for the group because of all that my little hands are in right now, but one is better then nothing for the time being.

It was weird working in my new space. I didn't realize how many times I actually went behind the machine to do various tasks, but found out yesterday it's more then I thought. I'll have to streamline how much I actually walk back there and make adjustments out front instead.

While I was pushing the machine around, I thought somebody was looking in the side windows facing east in my studio. I had to keep catching myself from looking because it was DW's rear handles I was seeing catching the light.

Here's the second part of the medallion (and the completed) center of our quilt.
365 Day Challenge Center Medallion
It's my first attempt at a medallion. I had some alignment issues and despite my efforts to correct said situation, this is about as good as its going to get. Maybe when I quilt it I can rectify those misalignments.

I headed back to the memory quilt after farting around with medallions and DW. The second quadrant is completely done and I'll start the third today. Sure wish I had my other machine because piecing this on Jay is very slow going.

It's Ugly Sweater day and I'll start there first.

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