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Monday, April 4, 2016

What's Missing?

What's missing from this picture?

Where'd DW go?
We have to run him in to Lansing today. He's very ill (apparently).

I've been working on this little guy since before Christmas. I guess I'm not as speedy at embroidery as I thought I would be.
Winter Embroidery
While the guys were moving lights in my studio, I finished the piece above and then moved along to my April BOM Amish With a Twist blocks. 

April Amish with a Twist Blocks
Yesterday was spent making BOD's, marking my modern piece to work on Mike with, and then starting that. We spent the day kind of relaxing and enjoying Caleb's company before taking him back this morning. 

Into Lansing this morning for errands. Will do quilting chores when we return.

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