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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More Backing Issues

Here are last weeks BOD's. Notice only four are in the pic. That's because the medallion shown late last week were some of the previous weeks' BODs and I didn't think it was necessary to show them again.

April 6-12
Ugly Sweater was fun yesterday.

Number 21
And then I started [back] in on my 25-patch blocks for our upcoming class on Saturday. I don't know how many I have done...let me go count. 15 so far. The original pattern calls for 24 but I have a feeling I may be doing more.

Christine came out last night to load her Pepperdish. We pressed the backing. Loaded it. Loaded the batting on top and basted a plumb line. We pressed the top and set it next to the plumb line to baste it down, and whoops, too short on the sides. Christine was appalled! We then turned the top 90-degrees and it was still too short (by about 12 inches total). She was sure she ordered enough.

We had to unbaste the backing from the batting at that point so she could take the backing home to enlarge it (but first had to order more backing to attach it together with). She sent me an email last night and found her receipt and sure enough, she did order enough; they didn't send her what she ordered. You get that sometimes with online companies. Until then we are on hold for her quilt.

Today I do studio chores and then move right back into making 25-patch blocks. If I get too bored with that I may load something quick to do on DW (going through withdrawal here). Friday I'm getting another quilt from Audrey. I'll have to jump on that pretty quick because as soon as Christine's backing arrives, we'll be trying to get her quilt on the frame (it's been a rough go already).

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  1. It's agonizing/maddening when you don't get the amount of fabric that your ordered - and paid for; I know how she feels.