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Friday, April 29, 2016

Running Around

I need to stop running around so much as of late. This morning I have a dentist appointment. It'll be a long one; x-rays, cleaning, etc. I probably won't even get home until early afternoon.

Hopefully when I get back home I'll have more time in here. I don't think we have anything else planned for today and since it's another gloomy day outside, I can work in here later guilt free.

Our guild last night was fun. Betsy shared her teddy bears and the girls were back from Paducah. It sounded like they had a lot of laughs and had plenty to share with the group. Ruth also reminded us about our challenge coming up next week (paint chip) and Christine threw out another challenge for the Pepperdish participants; get them all done before our quilt show next March. Mine is already completed.

Carolyn at the HH is working on trying to figure out the Aunt Millies bottle brush thing for me. I'll stop in today to see how she's doing on figuring it out. I can't seem to make the damn thing work.

We have another block in the cue from Quiltmaker this morning. I'll print that off and take a look at it while I'm waiting at the dentist office for my turn at fun with pain.

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