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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lost Day

I always feel like I lost a day when I have to run around outside the house. Upon my return, it takes a while to get my bearings and begin here in the studio. Yesterday was no exception. I did get my BOD completed before having to run to Lansing, and I did get some quilting in Christine's quilt completed before it was dark outside, but I feel like not much else was accomplished.

Some of the quilting in Christine's quilt
Today will be different. I am shutting off my phone. I am pretending I'm not home to any visitors. I'm off the grid for a few hours until I can get my feet back on the ground.

I have a presentation for tomorrow night to think about while I busy myself in here getting a little bit organized and caught up.

I know we are also supposed to be starting our block testing for Quiltmaker today (actually, yesterday), but I haven't seen anything come across in the emails, so hurray for small miracles there!

Ta, ta until tomorrow.

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