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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Member Blocks

We make blocks for our guild members for a variety of reasons: Past president acknowledgement, leaving the state, etc. Our past presidents name was Carol S. I made the "C" below for her since she wanted the blocks done in Christmas (also starts with "C") colors.

The second set of blocks are were made for Linda G. She is leaving our little group to eventually move to Arizona. Sure wish she would take me with her--I miss AZ! Linda and her husband travel a lot and it was decided to make something travel-ish for her to honor what it is she and George love to do.

For Carol (top) and Linda G. (bottom two)
The phone was ringing up a storm yesterday and one of the calls I received was from a new customer named Toni. She gave me a quilt last Saturday to work on and said, "There is no hurry for you to finish it." She called to see if I had the quilt done but again, reiterated there was no hurry; she just wanted to check because she had two more for me to do.

After finishing Christine's quilt, I loaded Toni's on to the frame and now this is what DW is currently wearing.

Toni's Scalloped Potatoes
I hope to get this done today and tomorrow between banquets and Ben and Alisha house projects. I thought Alisha and I could run away from the construction zone at their place and deliver this to Laingsburg for Toni while the guys were messing around in drywall dust. 

The BODs have shifted from 3 1/2" to 6 1/2" and yesterdays was a killer! 68 pieces and it took me most of the morning to get it built. I hope the rest of them aren't like this. 

I received an email from Diane H. at Quiltmaker and our first blocks were posted yesterday afternoon. We have two weeks to complete them. I haven't checked my dropbox yet to see if they are actually there, but if they weren't Diane would have let us know there was a snag in getting them distributed. Another item added to the to-do list. 

The dryer just beeped and that's my cue to get going in here on things. TTFN. 

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