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Friday, April 8, 2016


While mom and I were in Chicago yesterday enjoying the living daylights out of ourselves, her mechanic was working on her car. This morning, before getting too into anything, I was on the road to fetch both DW and moms car.

DW was picked up first. When I got there he was still on the frame for me to work with. He sounds like he did when he was new so it'll be good to have him back in the studio.

It took me a little while to get back home after arriving at my moms. She's lonely and loves to keep me around for a while once I get there. I understand and took the time to spend with her this afternoon eating homemade pizza and looking at travel brochures before heading over to get her car.

I feel like it's been a week since I've been in here rather then a day and a half. I have some BOD catch-up work to do, and an Ugly Sweater block from yesterday. By the time I finish Jim should be home to get DW out of the back of the Jeep and into his corner where he belongs.  

Before going to Chicago, I did get a few things accomplished. Here is the completed Arabian Horse Art piece

Arabian Horse
I also squared up my leaders and cleaned the rails/carriage/computer on DW's frame. I figured while I had the space and as long as he was at the spa getting all relaxed, I would take advantage of his absence.

Squaring the Leaders
Onward, ho!

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