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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DW's Progress

Gall Sewing called late yesterday afternoon to give me an update on how the long arm is coming along. Not only has the bobbin case basically worn itself to an oblong shape, but the needle head has become off center. Jason and Mike are not sure why either of these happened, but Mike is planning on "splitting the head" on Wednesday and getting everything corrected. Hopefully I can pick up the machine on Friday (because Thursday I'll be in Chicago).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch by lunchtime, here are the BODs for the past week.

March 30-April 5
The center medallion was not part of last weeks blocks. The four medallion borders, the corner block to the left and the two little blocks on the right were last week's "assignments".

I moved on to my 19th Ugly Sweater block. This one may need to be redone. The directions didn't come through my email originally and after pulling the block off the web site, found there to be an error later on via the email post.

Number 19
After looking at this block a few hundred times to try to understand what the heck was going on here, I moved along to my two improv tops I'm working on with my home sewing machine. Here is the traditional quilting.

Traditional Quilting on Mike
And here is the modern version.

Modern Quilting
I thought for sure I would quilt closer on my DSM then I would on the long arm, but found out after putting them all side-by-side last night that the exact opposite was true. Moral of the story: I am now more comfortable quilting on my long arm. Happy dance!

I have to get the guild newsletter out. It's hanging over me like a real ugly cloud right now and I will fret about it if I don't get it done before leaving Thursday morning. I have one little section to get in there; perhaps I'll just have to pull from other resources to get the information I need?

I'm also presenting a little demonstration if you will, a few weeks from now for our guild. The title is Intro to Portrait Quilts and right now I have exactly one for people to look at. Oh. Wow. One whole quilt. Makes me an expert, huh?

I need to make at least two more. One of them will be of an Arabian horse.

Random Arabian Horse
Arabians are what we used to raise on our farm many years ago, and unfortunately, we never had them professionally photographed. I pulled this one from a royalty-free site the other day.

Lily does not like the camera
The second technique will be of Lily. However, she does not like to have her pic taken and getting a good one may be easier said then done.

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