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Saturday, April 30, 2016


I'm stumped. I need to get into my books or online and find something to put into this quilt DW is currently wearing.

Tony's 3rd Quilt
The border was easy: I just mimicked the flowers throughout the fabric and added a stem and some leaves. It's the center I'm pondering over. I know Tony likes it left more open then I usually quilt. I could have DW do something from the computer, but I feel like putting this in myself; it actually goes much quicker when I drive the machine rather then the computer doing the work.

Meanwhile, I completed my second Quiltmaker block yesterday after getting back home from the dentist, boot shop, quilt store, and pizza joint. I finished Tony's second quilt, and I got my BOD done for the day.

Then, all of a sudden, I hit a huge wall. Tired. Achey. Lethargic. Just not feeling well. I called it a night around 6:30. Way too early for me certainly.

Feeling much better this morning and hoping to have to not go anywhere today. It's another overcast day outside so I'll just enjoy the quiet and sew as much as I can before Papa gets home from work later this afternoon.

Ugly sweaters are back on track with us now putting in the sashing. I want to get Tony's quilt off the machine so I can get my Scalloped Potatoes loaded. I need the design wall to place each of the ugly sweaters in a pleasing manner but Scalloped Potatoes is currently occupying the wall. If I take it down and put it in the spare bedroom, I'm afraid it'll get put on the back burner like all the other tops I have in there.

Maybe I need to turn away a few quilting jobs until I can get my quilts caught up. No, I would probably never say no. I have a hard time doing that especially when my quilts are just there for me to play with and not really derive any income. sigh.

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