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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Better Late...

...because this morning Carol R. and I ran to Lansing to deliver Tony's quilt. She gave me two more to work on. :-)

We did some shopping at JoAnns first. I bought a container to keep all my Stitcher's Garden thread in (I was using baggies until today), and some border fabric for the Scalloped Potatoes.

From there we went to Gall. Jason gave us both a mini lesson on bobbin tension and answered a few other questions we had brewing in our heads.

After getting home and eating lunch, I was finally able to get in here for the day.

BOD's for the past week:

April 20-26
The remainder of yesterday was working on what's on DW now.

Audrey's Neices quilt
I was hoping to get it done before leaving this morning, but didn't have the energy to finish it after around 8:00 last night. It's a larger quilt then usual from Audrey so it took a little longer to do.

I'm heading back to it as soon as I get done blogging and then that will probably be it for the day today.

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