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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Quilt in a Day?

Eat your heart out Eleanor Burns, this quilt was done in an afternoon. Start to finish baby!

For the new grand baby
I took Caleb to the doctors yesterday morning. I picked up my wallet at Bees Fabrics (I left it at guild on Thursday night) and then remembered I needed to make a quilt for the baby shower today. I purchased the panel in the middle from Bees while we were there.

Afterwards, we headed to the HH to pick up the April Amish With a Twist kit, a yard of fabric for another project (my finished embroidery piece) and some more dog bed fabric Carolyn had in her back room.

After we made it home and ate lunch, I did my BOD and then finished quilting the Memory Quilt. I promptly took that off the now crunching-louder-then-yesterday long-arm and tried to find out where the awful noise was coming from. Caleb came in to try to help out but we couldn't' find it. I called Gall Sewing and DW is headed in first thing Monday morning for some work.

It was now 3:00. Ready? Go!

Since DW was basically off limits, I had to quilt the piece under Mike. I have a tendency to quilt heavier with Mike and didn't get done quilting until it was starting to get dark. I put the last stitch in the binding around 9:30 and had it wrapped and in the Jeep at 10:58 this morning.

Unfortunately, the kids didn't get to get it. We got half way to Zeeland, it started to snow really, really hard (could hardly see) and I grabbed the next exit and turned right around. We got back home a little after 1:00 and I'm glad we did. The roads were becoming pretty wet and the temps were falling. I don't know if it'll get slippery soon, but I wasn't going to take a chance. I'm such a driving wimp.

Now that we're fed and back home safe, I'll work on my BOD, the embroidery piece, and maybe delve into my blocks for our scrap class coming in two weeks. I still have to do the machine quilting on the modern top I made up so I can go there too if I need more to do. Happy dance!

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