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Friday, April 1, 2016

Minky 3, Colette 1

After constructing my BOD and ugly sweater block yesterday, I moved along to...

...the memory quilt (insert creepy da, da, da music).

First, something positive. The ugly sweater block. Apparently I was off in a previous post sighting the wrong numbers; this one was actually number 18. I doesn't seem like we've done that many.

Number 18
I went and counted them while the pic was loading, and sure enough, we've done 18 so far.

So, here's a pic of my attempt at trying to get the Minky onto the bars of the long arm. Pretty funny huh?

Getting the backing loaded
The stuff is slippery. It's flimsy. It's stretchy. It's a PITA to work with and I hope to never had to struggle with it again anytime soon.

After about a 2 hour struggle, lots of colorful words, a constant reminder to never go here again, I got the #$%^&*( thing loaded. Here's the proof.

Memory Quilt is Loaded!
I thought I would just try a few stitches before getting into the class modern sit down sewing machine piece, but after a few stitches, I decided to do a row. I was sure, with all the bulk, the slack in the backing (you can't tighten the minky like you can cotton for fear of stretching), and my lack of experience in doing this sort of thing, I'd be snapping threads like crazy.

After another few hours of quilting, I shut down the now grinding machine (I really do need to have it serviced) and headed for my quilt meeting. All in all it was a pretty productive day.

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