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Monday, April 18, 2016

Business as Usual

Back to business now that classes are done for a bit, our anniversary day yesterday is past us, and I have plenty of work lined up for a few weeks. Tomorrow is a little jaded since I have to go into Lansing for the DIL's ultra sound appointment, but the rest of the week is per the usual.

During our class on Saturday, we spent the day making our center sections of each block on our "Scalloped Potatoes". I would add a pic but my Dropbox program (used for my Quiltmaker stuff for the next few months) seems to be interfering. I need to figure that out right quick and rectify that situation. Posting on the blog without pics is just stupid.

Friday I made, stuffed, and delivered 10 dog and 2 cat beds to the ECHS. Thursdays Stitcher's Garden block was finished after I got home Saturday night and my homework for next month was completed as well.

Two quilts came in for quilting this weekend: One from Audrey and another from Toni (the lady who did our class on Saturday). Christine is coming over (again) tonight to try to get her Pepperdish loaded. Let's ask the quilting gods to work with us on this one.

I'll be making the rest of the Scalloped Potatoes today after my BOD is done. We are on a two week break with Ugly Sweater blocks so nothing to do with those there today.

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