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Friday, April 22, 2016

Losing the Race

I tried to get Christine's quilt done before our meeting last night. It was a personal race against myself to see whether I could have accomplished such a feat. I didn't win. I think had I not spent the time proofing Caleb's paper yesterday I would have certainly been able to deliver this quilt to my friend.

I encountered some problems along the way. This is one:

Notice the left side versus the right side (check out the yellow)
How about this issue:

Are borders supposed to do this?
After calling a few folks and getting some ideas on-line, I figured out that this quilt was just not going to finish very square. Thankfully, after talking to Christine, she knew the quilt was not going to be very square and the way I handled it was okay. Whew!

Meanwhile, while I was marathon quilting, DW started making that same nasty noise (again) that he went in for two weeks ago. UGH! We'll see after I clean him whether this is a fluke situation or whether he needs to go back in to Lansing. Crossing our fingers! 

Have to finish this today, work on my BOD medallion (we have enough blocks to surround it now), get some blocks made for a few guild members, and get my scalloped potatoes put together sitting on the design wall. Must get busy but first I must quit talking on the phone (I'm currently on call number four). 

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