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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I started out yesterday in the studio with the usual quilting chores and then moved along to one of my little art pieces. I started with the horse. When I shut the studio down last night, the first set of colors had been incorporated. Jim came in to check on me and his reaction was, "Oh WOW!" Guess I'm on the right track with it.

Between starting the horse and turning off my lights, my very good friend, Carol R. came over to play for a while. We watched a few quilting videos and then she got out her box of "toys". What a great time!

Here's the first thing we tried:

Sharpie and Alcohol art
This was done with a Sharpie marker and some rubbing alcohol. It's a little bigger then one of my hexagons. I can think of about 100 different things to do with something like this!

The next project was using the same tools, just on a grander scale and with a little added card stock for transfer of the design.

A little faded
Mine didn't turn out as well as Carol's did and we're not sure exactly why, but again, 100 different uses for quilting ideas. I hope (I know she reads my blog) she does this with our whole guild group. They would absolutely love this!

The newsletter is out and I'm already thinking about the next one. I remember these days from past experiences with other newsletters. Must be the [fantasy] writer in me. I'll work on my art piece some more today and hopefully get that finished up. I have to watch a class on-line before doing the one of Lily.

Tomorrow we head to Chicago for the International Quilt Festival!!!! So excited!!! Since mom is actually going with us (really, she is) perhaps I can talk her into chipping in for the new sewing machine for my birthday/Christmas/cell phone bill/contribution towards Chad's housewarming quilt part I won't be able to cover. It depends on her mood and whether we can drum up a good deal. Crossing the fingers on this end for all the sewing machine planets to align tomorrow. :-)

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