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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy Day

Yesterday was a happy day because 1) I had lots of visitors and 2) Despite having all the visitors was able to accomplish a lot both in and out of the studio.

We'll stick to quilting things (because this is a quilting blog after all). First, between visitor #1 and visitor #2, I was able to get my BOD done. Here are the past weeks worth.

April 13-19
I noticed my piecing had started getting a little sloppy. These little things set me back on track and remind me there is no room for that when constructing them.

Between visitor #2 and visitor #3 I was able to get the remainder of the Scalloped Potatoes blocks built. I wasn't able to get the rows put together, but here are the blocks on the design wall ready to be constructed.

Scalloped Potatoes ready to get together
Visitor #3 came after I did a few domestic chores around the house and we were finally (finally) able to get her quilt on the frame. Currently on DW is this HUGE quilt.

Christine's Pepperdish
Christine never left last night until 8:30. We were able to load it. Design the quilting motifs for each section and we were even able to start putting some thread into it. We actually got the border started before she left. Happy, happy!

After Christine left I worked on the border some more until I ran out of bobbin thread. It was time to call it a night since it was well past 9:00. I was tired!

Today I have Lansing to do. The DIL's ultrasound is at 12:45 and then on to other specialists for her and the baby. It's usually a whole day thing with all the doctors we see since baby is at such a high risk. Not much to write probably for tomorrow. I'll be lucky to even get my BOD done before I leave, so I better quit writing and get to work. 

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