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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Heeeesss Baaaacckkk!

Yep, DW is back home safe and sound.
Home again
Jim didn't get home until early evening so DW had to hang out in the back of the Jeep until he could be brought in. He was very cold when we set him on his carriage and I was worried about moisture content. I decided to let him get back to room temps before plugging everything back in and giving him a test drive. We'll do that later today.

While working on my BODs yesterday, I had some visitors come by to say hello during a freak late winter/early spring snow fall. 

They look cold!
One of the little ones (probably last years hatch) was limping terribly. I wanted to go out and help him, but wild turkeys are real skittish and I knew I'd never be able to assist the little one.

Here is our BOD work starting to come to life.

It's starting to come together
After finally getting the BODs caught up, I moved along to #20 Ugly Sweater.

Number 20
It was so weird putting this together. The heavy flakes of snow were falling and starting to accumulate, I was making a winter/Christmas sweater block and it seemed more like Christmas then it actually did at Christmastime last year. I almost put on some holiday music. Almost.

I moved along to my Lily portrait piece after ugly sweater. Jim pulled me out of the studio around 8:30. I probably would have kept on had he not done so. This is where I left off.

Starting to look like something
I like how this is coming out. I'll add background thread today and move along to whatever the next step is in the process of completing it. 

So far, I like the Lola Jenkins method of making portrait quilts the best of the three methods so far (the one I used for the horse). I think the Lea McComas method (appliqué and thread painting) will be the most labor intensive, and I don't know that I'll even go there actually. I have other pressing matters to deal with this upcoming week (preparations for next weeks visiting instructor on scrap quilts class), which I haven't even started. 

Off I go to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful new blanket of snow outside my studio window while I work. 

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