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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Not human visitors, but the aviary kind who sometimes divert my already short attention span near our bird feeders. While it was snow globe snowing yesterday, a few of my winter friends were feasting on the sunflower seeds set out earlier that morning.

Bird Visitors
But my attention was not diverted long because the 2012 Craftsy BOM Sampler Quilt-As-You-Go quilt is completed! After getting those borders on and quilting them up with some simple straight line quilting, I fell more in love, if that was even possible. I couldn't stand to put it away until spring so it stayed on my planning table all day long.

After Jim arrived home for the day, he too fell in love and instead of putting it downstairs, we put it on the spare bedroom bed to admire until spring finally arrives.

2012 Craftsy BOM Sampler
While the sampler was sitting on the planning table, I moved to DW to finish the White Crayons. It's called "White" because my best girlfriend on Arizona has the black version of this very quilt in her office at Camp Verde Elementary.

So, two quilts in one day (again).

White Crayons
Before I leave for the Stitchers Garden class later this morning, I'll rummage around in the spare room to see what goes on the long arm next. I should have about enough time to seek out a top and backing and get them pressed and partially loaded.

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