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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spring Cleaning Early

I am so thankful I have a best friend who makes me cool things like shelving for my studio. It looks like I have a quilting store in here now and hopefully (conscious effort here) I'll keep it looking this amazing in the coming months as I build more quilts. Thank you again my wonderful husband.

Greater then 1 yard cuts
The first set of large shelves will house my larger yardages. Greater then 1 yard has been my rule. To the left of the big shelves, there on the floor, are my 16-unit shelves which hold all my little tiny scraps I use for paper piecing and other such things.

Pre-cuts, Future Projects, and Immediate Notions
This shelf is located to the right of the large shelves and right behind where Mike and I hang out. The fabrics on the bottom are most of my large cuts of flannel, and the caption explains the rest.

>1 Yard Cuts
This set of shelves is under my pressing/planning table. The project on top is my Stitchers Garden work in progress. This is the set of shelves that get the most abuse. I dig around in here almost daily looking for that "just right" fabric since there is such a variety.

Some of these (yellows, creams, golds, off-whites, and white...oh and brown/tans) had to be relocated to the larger cuts shelving unit because I have so many smaller sections left they wouldn't all fit. And, I had to finally take care of the fabrics I received from Christmas and friends who have donated to my scrappy quilt cause.

Most of yesterday was spent getting this mess taken care of, but I was able to spend a little bit of time on Mary's Row by Row pieces. Still a long way to go with those, but it was finally good to get my machine turned back on after spending all day on fabric.

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