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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lots and Much

Lotsa projects being worked on today.

Yesterday, first thing, I had to bind my Slap-la-que Heart quilt. Here's a pic of my feather progress and where I inserted them into the wide border. Below the feathers are some ribbon candy motifs.

Feather and Ribbon Candy detail on Slap-la-que Hearts

Slap-la-que Hearts Completed
The kids came out last night for a visit, which is unusual for a weekday. Ben needed to borrow a wood working tool from dad, Caleb wanted to visit with us and Lily, and Alisha wanted to check on how the bunny's nails were fairing. They also brought up my new fabric shelves Jim built for the studio.

Re-organizing the fabrics
Today, I'll be working on organizing this mess before I can continue doing anything else.

Before the kids came out, I had loaded this quilt onto DW and Alisha and I were playing with how to quilt those circles. We came up with a variety of ideas but nothing really suited me (yet). I put three  gentle waves in the piano key border and some string of bees in the white border. The center of the circles have an open spiral in them with the string of bees at the connectors. I may run a feather fan in the black section?!?

Shayla Wolf Circles
If you look carefully in the previous photo of the reorganization project, you can see what else was started yesterday. I've begun Mary's row by row. Many of the vegetables are done so only a few more to go to start with.

I'm pretty nervous about this work I'm doing. I'm aware of how precise Mary is and everything I do I ask myself, 'Is this my best work', 'Can I do better?', 'Will Mary approve?'. I was actually sweating while working her pieces yesterday and I think my heart rate was pretty elevated too. I need to get a grip and just enjoy the process.

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