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Friday, February 20, 2015

No Special Foot Required

Once upon a time we used to do a lot of cross stitch. I still have all the floss we used and just haven't done much with it over the past 10 or so years. Yesterday I found a use for at least a little of it.

This is the braiding we learned in our Stitchers Garden class. No special feet are needed for your machine; just an open toe foot so you can see where it is your going when sewing. I braided the floss around the inside of the border of one of my Stitchers Garden blocks.

Braiding with Embroidery Floss
You can really use any medium you'd like when doing the braiding technique; ribbon, cording, yarn. Whatever you have available you think might look nice in whatever it is you're wanting to embellish.

The second block will have this done in each of the corners because I got my appliqué too close to the edge to do a whole round. And, it takes A LOT of time! One 12 1/2" block took me 45 minutes.

DW and I spent some time together on the coffee cups quilt and then I made a prototype of the quilt fairy gift I want to make for all my friends. I may or may not stick with my idea. Like all other projects, it turned out to be more work then anticipated and making 25 of them just makes me grimace. Not that my friends aren't worth it, but having to mass produce something 24 more times just may not work for me.

It looks like I'll be teaching again for our bi-annual Quilt U in May. April would like me to take off with something Jenny Doan, from Missouri Star Quilt Company, teaches for her precuts. I have a few ideas but I want to make sure it's something fun and useful at the same time. Maybe I should take a poll from the members to see what they would rather have: A starter foundation for something they can make small or large -or- more of a make it/take it kind of thing. I'm leaning towards the later but the class certainly isn't all about me.

Notice I'm not at Sew In?!? It was -13 this morning when I woke up and that was at 8:30. I had to go out and feed the birds and get the mail an hour later and I could not believe just how cold it is. It's really hard on the vehicles to be running around in this, and frankly, I just wasn't up for traipsing around and shivering all day like I did Wednesday. The house isn't any too warm, but at least I can keep the space heater on when I'm here and get some laundry done too.

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