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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I think I'll just call this the Little Girls Blocks quilt. I love the colors and some little girl would probably love to have this quilt on her twin sized bed. This was piece #1 off DW yesterday.

Little Girls Blocks
Piece #2: When Mary R. did our class a few weeks ago, she talked about embellishments and how they add to a piece of art. The wall hanging I've been working on was cute without all the added extras, but lacked something in the unoccupied spaces. The quilt designers ( added some of their own embellishment suggestions in the pattern, and then I too, added some more.

Here are a few of what we both did:


Dog House and Tree

Hanging Basket
I actually like this one the best but the pic didn't turn out too well. Night lighting over my long arm isn't the greatest at 8:00 p.m.

My favorite!
See why I did not attempt to hand embroider these designs? They were meant to look a little messy and free forming and I don't think I would have obtained the best results doing it by hand.

I have put off working on the AQS Challenge piece long enough. While my wall hanging is drying (to remove some of the registration marks) I'll rescue the "W" quilt out of the spare bedroom and perhaps, maybe, hopefully complete it today?!?

I'd love to get this off my "to do" list and a few other guild members seem to be wrapping up their pieces this week as well. They aren't due for another month or so, but I think it's time to put this thing to bed and move on.

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