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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Picking the Next Project

I used to go into the spare room, rifle through the quilt tops to see what I wanted to work on (whether I could handle the quilting) and then match it up with the backing to go with it.

Not so much any more. I feel confident enough to just pick the first one off the pile, see if it has a matching backing in there, and put it on the frame. This is my current endeavor:

Name Unknown (yet)
I'm custom quilting both the borders and free motion quilting the center. This is a glimpse of what is on the white, bubbly border:

Bubbly Border Quilting
It doesn't look like much from this quick pic, but it's turning out kinda cool. Here's what's going in the center:

Swirly Flowers
This is kind of my own design. It's a combination of a swirl and a flower. Swirls gone flowery. Ha!

After I free motioned for most of the morning and on into the early afternoon, I needed a change of direction. I needed to clean out my magazine library; I have several patterns tabbed to do at a later date and thought, 'I can go through these and find one I like suited for scraps, since that's about all I have anymore and do some magazine housecleaning at the same time'.

I was nearly through the stack (I say stack loosely here as they are all set according to date, from oldest to earliest in an orderly fashion; imagine that?), and had a few "maybes" selected when I came upon a wall hanging that looked like fun. I started cutting it out yesterday and will finish the piecing today. Hopefully, and since we have a winter storm raging outside, I'll get to the really fun part of embellishing later tonight.

The embellishments on this piece can be done two ways: Hand embroidery (probably not for this kid), or through quilting (Ummm...winner!). Since I picked up my Machingers and my Supreme Slider from Gall last week, we'll be doing some pretty intense embellishment work with Mike (whenever we get there).

Meanwhile, I shall get Pandora rolling, turn the machine on, and maybe make some soup and grilled cheese to go with this wintery, stormy day to make the house smell all homey and warm.

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