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Monday, February 9, 2015


I have three or four projects to choose from today. Well, I actually have a few more, but this is where  my biggest pull is for this dreary Monday.

First, and I don't have pics, are Mary R.'s row by row blocks. I don't have pics because I haven't started them yet. I think I know where I'm going to go with the blocks, I just haven't gotten there yet. The thing that's bothering me about her piece/instructions is she indicates she would like them toward the more modern end of things. Where I want to send the row is not so very modern, so I'm rethinking what I've come up with.

Second in todays selection is my 2012 BOM; all the blocks are quilted! I have never made a quilt-as-you-go full sized quilt. Only small things like bags and table runners have ever been tackled so I have to learn what to do with all these next.

2012 Craftsy BOM Single Quilted Blocks
This is the pattern called Spin Doctor but I'm going to rename it once I get further into it. For now, I'm doing all the blade leg work and yesterday involved stitching fusible interfacing on each of the 45 blades. I know you're probably wondering why I stitched fusible to my fabric. Be patient. There is a method to my seemingly insane decision.

Spin Doctor Blades
DW is now dressed again. I do not like it when he sits naked for a few days. It's like all that money I spent is sitting there collecting dust and not doing what it is it's supposed to be doing. This quilt is to replace another similar quilt currently on the back of one of our couches. The first quilt was done with sheeting as the background for all the hearts, and it was only two washings later the thing started to shred.
Slap-la-que Hearts
Time to go work and enjoy our cloudy and dreary day with some Pandora and quilt making.

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