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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Class yesterday went extremely well. Not much was accomplished, but we learned how to braid with our normal open-toed foot on our machines, and we learned what those double sewing machine needles were all about. They are actually pretty cool and I plan on playing with that today.

Before I left for class I actually got this piece loaded and basted down.

Coffee or Tea?
This is a self designed piece I made especially for the owner of Fay's Evelyn Bay Coffee House. Fay and I took a knitting class together a year or so ago and I instantly fell in love with her. She's so kind and always seems to be smiling. It's people like that you love to make quilts for because you just know they'll treasure it forever.

Because I didn't get my sewing fix in at class yesterday I came home and started thinning out my string basket; eight (2) more blocks were completed before I felt like I could just not sew anymore.

So, the quilt camp idea I had a week or two ago Jim busted (again). I found yet another idea I'll try out. It'll take longer then some of my previous ideas, but I think it will be more useful to the camp members. Maybe hubby will be on board with this one?

I have Stitchers Garden homework to do and this cute mug quilt to long arm. Sew In is this weekend so I'll have to pack and get ready for that too. I really, really need to get started on doing something with those selvedges. They were going to be used in the quilt fairy project a few ideas ago, but since that has changed, so too will their purpose. My two baskets are letting me know it's time to do something!

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