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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More Quilting Lessons

While trying to locate my next long arm project yesterday, I stumbled across this particular little quilt I made, oh, I don't know, back last fall or even late summer of last year. All I needed to do was bind it.

Now that all my fabrics are so organized, I just went over, snagged the right grey I needed, and stuck that bugger on there. This will probably be a donation quilt unless some little guy would like it on his bed.
Colorful Chevrons
After taking care of this misplaced quilt, I loaded DW with my 1st (but second to quilt) 2012 Craftsy BOM quilt. This is the one I also put the Scrap Squad exchange blocks in to make the top much larger. I wanted to quilt this on the long arm at the same time I was doing the quilt-as-you-go blocks but only a week off isn't bad, right?

Once I got it all loaded and I got the borders started, I moved along to the New York Beauty Flying Geese.

I needed to find thread to quilt it with and well, I didn't have the right colors in the kind I was looking for. I knew I was going to have to do some travel stitching on a lot of it so I needed a strong poly thread to take the abuse. Unfortunately, all I had in the color I needed was So Fine by Superior and I really had my doubts.

What I learned was a couple of things:

1) I can use the lighter weight quilting threads on my DSM by feeding it through my large cone holder I usually use for Laura.
2) So Fine thread is not good for a lot of travel stitching.
3) While I can get the cone holder to hold the thread I'm using through the machine well enough, apparently winding bobbins may not give the same great results unless closely monitored.

With a lot of frustration and broken threads (it was too late to change my mind half way through the quilting process) here is the New York Beauty Flying Geese wall hanging. I only have to tack down the binding (which I'm doing by hand) and I'll do that at guild on Thursday night.

New York Beauty Flying Geese
My sewing machine cover project still sits here waiting and I have another long arm project to play on, which about sums up where I'm headed to today in my studio.

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