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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Double Needle

I had to wait until this afternoon to blog today because Jim and I had to run errands. Off to Charlotte, Lansing, Mason, and then back to Charlotte again. Our main intention was to purchase Jim some sandals or casual shoes for our trip out to Cali in a few weeks. Of course, we got everything else but.

I tried my double needle yesterday on my Stitchers Garden piece for next month. This is what a double needle looks like in the machine.

Double Needle

What the double needle does
This is the type of stitch the double needle makes. It is so cool! Mike allows me to use about 20 of my stitches with this special needle and our homework for next month needed to have a wavy line at 1" intervals quilted onto the background. Pretty neat, huh?

I also worked on getting the braided corners on the second block from this month and it turned out okay. My appliqué mistake turned into a design opportunity.

DW and I worked a bit more on the coffee cups quilt and after rolling it later in the afternoon, found I was further along then I thought. Two more rows to go.

Jim and I purchased a second backing (the first one isn't going to work) for Amazon Star from the amazing Hen House. She is getting more and more fabric in and all I can say is wow! Her prices aren't sky high and we get a guild discount to boot.

While we were in Mason we visited a shop called Yards of Fabric. Jeaneane is really nice and I picked up some really cool fat quarters and a pattern to make a sewing machine cover for Mike. He gets pretty dusty if I don't use him day to day and this will make a nice small project Sunday thing to work on tomorrow. If the pattern works out (sewing anxiety here) I'll make a second one later for Jay.

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  1. I like, makes me want to take that class, but I still haven't been back there and can't work up any excitement to go there after my last visit.