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Thursday, February 26, 2015


I did it. It's not perfect, but it works, and it's cute as the dickens. One project...four different looks.

Mike now has his own "clothes" to wear and depending on the season or my moods, I can change his clothes easy peasy.

I actually finished the sewing machine cover before I broke for lunch, so this gave me lots of time to think about and plan how to start quilting each of the blocks in my BOM Sampler. Here's where I left off last night.

I don't usually like sampler quilts. To me they seem too busy and lend too much for the eye to look at. And, it seems like the block you dislike the most is the one that keeps resurfacing when the bed is made or while it lays on the back of the couch.

Not so much with this one. Amy Gibson did a really nice job planning and providing blocks for this piece (which is why I have made two and may be making one more just because). Each block is a quilting opportunity to incorporate what you know and what you should practice on, and the piecing is very diverse so production sewing does not occur either.

I'm using four different thread colors in the quilting but I'm running a white bobbin for the background. I've cranked up the top tension to bring up a little of that white bobbin on the black and red threads to give it a little texture and difference. I get a thread break once in a while, but it's making it look really cool, so it's worth it.

I hope I can attend guild tonight. It's snowing lightly outside but it should stop soon enough (as I'm crossing my fingers). I think we have to exchange our row by rows and I have to ask the members what their preference is in the class I'm teaching for Quilt U (make it/take it -or- Introduction to precuts and building blocks from them).

Meanwhile, back in the studio, other then long-arming today, I'm not sure where to head at this point. I'll have to rummage around in my shelves/baskets to see what I've got in the works over there and see if my mood lends itself to working on one of the WIP's or whether something new needs to be started. Artists are so fickle aren't we?

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