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Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Wonder How the Birds Don't Freeze?

Such tiny creatures, and yet they manage to not freeze to death when the temps this morning are at -11?!? And as many clothes as I put on when I go out to shovel or feed the birds, I'm shivering before I even get back into the house.

Gladly, I have a warm home to live in, whereby they have downy feathers to keep their little bodies warm I suppose.

Here's a cute little neighborhood that seems to have the warmer climate in its favor since the trees all have leaves on them.

There Goes the Neighborhood
I took Logs in a Roll off the wall and put this one in its place. Logs is now for sale and would be a cute addition in some little kids' room.

Where am I going today? I started cutting out for a new quilt yesterday. The original designer, Angela Walters, calls it Spin Doctor. I'm not all about that name, and since I'm using different fabrics and a totally different color palette, I'll have to think of a name as it comes together. However, I need background fabric for it yet (searched again yesterday but came up pretty empty), so until I obtain that, I'm pretty much stuck.

DW needs to be dressed and the Craftsy BOM 2012 blocks are sitting there waiting for me to work on them.

Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, I'll be able to actually get out of here today and visit/learn/share with all my quilting friends at our weekly guild meeting. We have so much going on tonight (Row by row exchange, Make it/Take it, Bring a quilt to share showing a new technique you learned), Wow!

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