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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Monday's are usually super productive for me, especially when Jim gets a mandatory for Tuesday morning. It means he won't be home on Monday night so I stay in the studio longer and get a lot more accomplished. I miss him and rather he'd be here, but as long as he's not, I may as well be doing what it is I love to do, right?

Something was written or researched about how men want their woman to be in the same room with them, even if it's just to watch TV or play silly mindless games; they just like to have us present in their surroundings. Having said that, when Jim is home, I know he prefers me to be with him so I knock off in here much sooner then when he's not home.

This top is completed, marked, and ready for the quilting. If I have the correct thread, I'll do that today. 
NewYork Beauty Flying Geese
Fay's Coffee Cups was long-armed yesterday morning and completed, and then because I finished the above piece earlier then I thought, I made the bindings, still had energy, attached the binding on the one side, was still steaming ahead, and so attached the other side. Voile! Finished!

Fay's Coffee Cups
The wind is screaming outside and the temps are sitting around 6. It's going to be cold in here because of this so I need to do something physical. Loading a quilt always requires a good amount of bending, stretching, running around, leaning, etc. so I think that may be a good thing to think about today too.

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