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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Quiz time.

Question: What size is our AQS Challenge quilt supposed to be?
Answer: 36" wide by 48" long.

See pic below and guess which one I used to mark the lines to cut the quilt down before I had to bind it?

Different measuring devices I currently use.
If you're answer was the blue measuring tape, you are officially the winner and will need to see me for your prize (yes, you actually get one)!

So, thankfully, I hadn't cut it completely down before discovering I had a measuring device discrepancy. The blue measuring tape is now in the trash to never be used in my studio again. GRRR!

The last thing I do in making a quilt (and only if I have to, which is probably bad) is making and attaching the label. Here's my label proving my quilt is officially and completely ready to go through its first round of judging by my peers at our guild.

2015 AQS Guild Challenge Label
On to other things. Actually, and since this wasn't my first choice of design, I would like to make a second challenge quilt, but I think I need a break from challenges for a while. Therefore, I'll sit on that idea for a bit to see how it settles in my head and go there if I find myself in need of something else to frustrate me to tears.

Good news (other then our new grandson rolling over for the first time yesterday) is I have thought of something to make as a quilt fairy for quilt camp in July. I pondered this all of last year and never really settled on anything. This morning, while in the shower (I do my best thinking in there I think), I thought of something not too taxing, something everybody can use, and best of all, fun to make. I have to check into this further after I blog today, but I may be on to something good here. Yeah!

First and foremost, I have to get the binding on my little wall hanging since I totally neglected it yesterday. I was determined to get the AQS thing done, done, done, so I put everything else on hold until I could breath a little easier. Big Breath. Okay.

I found a new pattern I want to tackle this week. I have all the fabric I want to use except for the background. It calls for 3 3/4 yards and I only have at most, 2 yards of the colors suited for what I'm doing. It's kind of a modern quilt and would look pretty awesome in our quilt show and it finishes at a twin sized so it would be even more useful afterwards. Shopping time!

But shopping will have to wait 'cause we got more snow last night, and even more is on the way later today. Not to mention, it's kind of foggy out and the temps are below freezing causing a slick coating over everything here, so driving today is not an option. I'll just stay in and work on the quilt fairy stuff instead, which is just fine with me.

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